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Heat Pump Units Supplied & Installed Auckland Wide

Our range of Heat Pump services includes the supply and installation of leading brands. We recommend the Mitsubishi heat pump range for reliability and quietness of operation.

Heat Pump Installation

We offer a complete installation service including supplying and installing the best model to suit your criteria.

As part of the installation of your heat pump the following factors will be taken into account and discussed with you:

  • Heat Pump size – we will recommend the best solution based on the area to be heated
  • Location for the unit – based on several factors including airflow and cost efficiency

Heat Pump prices will vary by model and application, we can work with you to find a solution to meet your budget.

Air Conditioning features available with your Heat Pumps

As part of your heat pump installation we also take into consideration the air conditioning features available with your model.

For overall reliability and noise considerations we recommend the Mitsubishi range of heat pumps.

Contact us today for planning and pricing advice on your job, or to arrange an appointment for an on-site cost estimate.

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