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Smart Vent Ventilation Systems supplied and installed Auckland wide

We are recommended local installers for Smartvent home ventilation systems. In our experience Smart Vent technology offers the most effective method to reduce condensation, mould and mildew and create a healthy home environment for your family

The Heat Transfer System

The Smartvent heat transfer system works by moving warmer air from one room throughout the rest of your home, within your preferred temperature range.

Heat Exchanger Technology

The Synergy model range includes heat exchanger technology. This can actually save you money on your heating bill with up to 90% heat recovery efficiency.

Do you have a healthy home?

Condensation, mould, mildew growth and dust mites are proving to be a major issue in New Zealand households. The resulting health problems such as asthma and allergies are subsequently causing people great concern. Did you know that dust mites need a damp environment to proliferate? These problems can be greatly reduced by improving the ventilation of your home with a Smart-Vent Home Ventilation system.

How does it work?

The Smartvent home ventilation system draws fresh drier air from your attic or ceiling space and passes it through a filter to remove allergy causing pollens, household dust, moulds, fungi and vapour residue. This filtered air is then gently distributed around your home via a silent air fan system and strategically placed diffuser units that are mounted in your ceiling.

The environmentally efficient Smart Vent design maintains a comfortable temperature range in your home, all programmed using the digital controller. Simply choose a minimum and maximum temperature that you would like your home to be and the Smart Vent system will automatically adjust the flow of air to suit your requirements.

Each Smart Vent system can be customised to suit your needs. We recommend the additional Summer function and heat transfer options for most homes.

Summer function

This is an environmentally friendly solution to help you maintain a cooler home in the warmer months. The summer function works by using cooler filtered air from an outside vent to promote a comfortable temperature range. Your preferred range is set using the digital controller and automatically delivered via the silent air fan system.

Benefits of a home ventilation system

  • Provide a clean healthy living environment
  • Recover otherwise wasted heat and drier air from the roof space
  • Introduce clean fresh air whilst maintaining the security of your home
  • Provide fresh cooler air during the summer months and on hot days

Designed to your requirements!

  • Models available to suit every home
  • Contemporary design to suit any home decor
  • Diffusers fit unobtrusively into your ceiling
  • Acoustic ducting is standard which gives a whisper quiet operation
  • Very economical to run
  • Five year warranty

Easy to use

Easy set-up menu allows you to quickly set up your system requirements so you can relax while your system is hard at work, providing a healthy comfortable living environment. The features mentioned below plus many more provide peace of mind for you and your family.

  • Digital controller with soft back-lit LCD display (the same size as a standard light switch)
  • Max and min temperature range adjustable between 0-350C
  • Keypad child lock facility
  • Real-time feedback on filter usage and flashing filter change indicator

The SMART range of Home Ventilation Systems provide consumers with more than just ventilation, it offers the ultimate in Home Ventilation Control.

Filter Maintenance

We are able to offer this service to all new and existing Smartvent customers. As part of this service we can also check your system over to ensure it is operating efficiently. Contact us to find out about our affordable filter maintenance services.

Contact us today for planning and pricing advice on your job, or to arrange an appointment for an on-site cost estimate.

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